Frequently Asked Questions


What is this event?

This event is a workshop teaching the Internet of Things and Home Automation. It is hosted by a variety of University and conference organizers.

Who will attend?

We expect half the participants to be computer science students. The other half is composed of mobile and desktop computing enthusiasts, activists, and journalists. No prior experience with technology is expected, and several tutorial guides are very easy to complete.

How many will attend?

The workshop has a capacity of 60 students. In some cases only 5-10 students attend, and in others two sessions of overbooked 45 capacity rooms combine to 90 attendees.

Where is the slide deck?

Because of the focus of hands on work and limited lecture speech, there are no slides to watch. Instead we unpack a document camera (resembling a webcam) for close range circuit illustration as well as using whiteboards, flip charts, and a pen style digital projector.

Is hardware included?

Yes, materials are provided limited by airline luggage capacity and other constraints. As of late 2016 generous sponsors had donated over 300 computing devices of various kinds.

Can hardware be bought?

No, it's challenging enough to make use of our limited time without a sales pitch and cashier duty. We also rarely have extra capacity in luggage on plane travel for new devices in full packaging.

Are there discount codes?

Yes. A few sponsors provide us with discount codes for beacons or oscilloscopes, for example.

Are there gifts or prizes?

Usually no (in absence from clear indications in descriptions.) All materials provided are collected at the end and reused in future workshops. The workshop isn't a hackathon and doesn't include a judgment with prizes. The upstream promoter may arrange for prizes at their option.

What is the soundtrack?

There are periods of self guided working as well as breaks in between sections. During these intervals, music is played for enjoyment as well as to demarcate the start and end of guided instruction. The songs played are:

  • Stimme (EFF, Deutsch)
  • Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson, English)
  • Nostalgia (SirensCeol, Instrument)
  • Centerfold (J. Geils Band, English)
  • El Mismo Sol (Alvaro Soler, Español)
  • I'm Coming Out (Diana Ross, English)
  • Warm in the Winter (Glass Candy, French)
  • You Make Me Feel (Sylvester, English)
  • Little Black Dress (Sara Bareilles, English)
  • Headlights (Robin Schulz, English)
  • Das ist Dein Leben (Philipp Dittberner, Deutsch)
  • Want To Want Me (Jason Derulo, English)
  • Papa a fait mai 68 (Lilicub, Français)
  • Just an Illusion (Imagination, English)
  • Je Ne Sais Pas (Joyce Jonathan, Français)
  • I Won't Let You Go (OK Go, English)
  • Made in Japan (Pato Fu, Português)
  • I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse, English)
  • Königwerq (Zukunftsmusik, Deutsch)
  • Et aprés (Lydie Auvray, Français)
  • Hot N Cold (Katy Perry, English)
  • Get Lucky (Daft Punk, Français)
  • Keep My Cool (Madcon, English)
  • 100% VIP (Katerine, Français)
  • Tam e Eshq (Niyaz, Sufish)
  • Roar (Katy Perry, English)
  • Anything (Hedley, English)
  • Genesis (Justice, Instrument)
  • Beathoven (Kim Dotcom, Instrument)
  • Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Deadmau5, Instrument)
  • We No Speak Americano (Yolanda Be Cool, English)
  • J'Débarque (Soviet Suprem, Français)
  • Işim Olmaz (Tarkan, Türkçe)
  • Prayer in C (Robin Schulz, English)
  • Physique (Mighty Mocambos, Français)
  • Moves Like Jagger (Maroon Five, English)
  • No Prejudice (Pollapönk, English)
  • Jeune Radio (Louane, Français)
  • Booka Shade (Charlotte, Deutsch)

Where is the empire?

Empire may be a poor choice for the title, and if so please suggest a better one. It is used humorously to indicate that we construct a realistic IoT network of heterogeneous sensor, actuator, and computing nodes in a resilient and expanding system.

Why are sponsors needed?

Our workshop teaches hands on engineering to novice students who haven't had exposure to principles of IoT or Home Automation. We don't have a budget to pay for materials, so are soliciting hardware devices, time, assistance, and financial contributions to pay for course materials.

Can I correct or improve this wiki?

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