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You are visiting the workshop called 'Building an IoT Empire', and may have the choice of participating in other sessions in other rooms.


Your instructor will guide you while learning hardware and software networking concepts relevant to the Internet of Things and embedded systems.


Ask questions at any time. Raise your hand or interrupt whoever is talking, since they might not see your hand.


The nature of this workshop is hands on and cooperative. Please plan on working with others, especially since students bring their own devices and implement their own ideas. This works best in groups.


This wiki contains all the information you need to complete the workshop. Completing the workshop simply means having success at learning about IoT while having fun.

I'm stuck

If you have trouble along the way, either approach an instructor or refer to online (or printed if available) tutorial guides.


If time permits, the workshop concludes with a quick (a few minutes per team) show and tell of what everyone constructed. If you're shy, then please team up with a person who likes to talk and explain.