What to bring

Students must bring with them:

  1. A notebook computer running the OS of their choice, but a current POSIX distribution (like Linux, BSD, or OS X) is best supported

Students may (optionally) bring:

  1. A mobile device (tablet, telephone, or similar) running the OS of their choice, especially good if it has a modern Bluetooth Smart stack
  2. A Raspberry Pi, Edison, or other ARM/Intel embedded computer
  3. A Arduino or similar Atmel based embedded microcontroller
  4. USB, power, and other cables for any of the devices brought
    1. Some devices require mini USB, others require micro USB
  5. Extra SDHC cards to store a new OS used during the workshop

Groups will be formed and hardware will be available for experiments.

Students will create accounts on either:

ARM mbed developer site
Philips Hue developer site

We'll sign up for online developer accounts during the workshop, which can be carried out beforehand. Because this requires waiting for a confirmation email, it is helpful to carry out the day before. For temporary use, a one time service like Anonbox (courtesy of CCC), works just fine. In fact, the system accepts even a random or nonworking email address, but please consider drawbacks if planning to use the account over long term.

What to provide

The venue manager should provide:

  1. Comfortable chairs, clean tables, and good lighting
  2. An audio system for speech (microphone) and music
  3. A dual input HDMI projector capable of 16:9 HD video
  4. A IPv4 routed 802.11 network able to connect 2 devices per student

The venue manager can optionally provide:

  1. Electrical sockets to power students' computers
  2. A IPv6 routed Internet with SLAAC provisioning
  3. A GSM/UMTS SIM card with 5 Go 3G data capacity
  4. Copper cabled Ethernet switches, CAT5 cables, and 802.11 bridging
  5. A working paper (A4 or US) printer in or near the workshop area
  6. A team of 5 assistants during the setup (one hour before start)
  7. One or two assistants during the entire workshop to help students
  8. Several assistants during the tear down (one hour after the workshop finishes)

Coffee, drinks, or food can be offered as well, but please avoid the workshop area.

Inventory on hand

Students may be loaned:

Note: Equipment is available for the duration of the workshop and must be returned.

Quantity Manufacturer Description Packmass
20 T2 Mobile Flame Smartphone 3,25kg
30 NXP Freescale FRDM-K64F 1,6kg
25 NXP Freescale FRDM-KL25Z 400g
20 Tessel2 750g
24 NodeMCU (ESP8266) 1.0 Amica/Espressif ?g
50 Bus Pirate (PIC24FJ64) 3.8 Europalab ?g
50 Yubico Yubikey NEO ?g
15 Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 2 with PiGlow 2kg
10 Nordic Semiconductor nRF51-DONGLE N. A.
15 Beagleboard Beaglebone Black with eMMC 575g
10 Z-Uno Z-Wave Arduino Interface 150g
15 Texas Instruments SensorTag CC2650 400g
5 Great Scott Gadgets Ubertooth One N.A.
15 Great Scott Gadgets LAN Tap 275g
5 LabNation oscilloscope SmartScope 350g
6 Philips Hue Gen 2 220V 800g
2 Philips Hue 802.3 Bridge ?g
20 Generic Ultrasonic proximity sensor 200g
20 Europalab DHT11 temperature humidity module N.A.
20 Silicon Power USB 3.0 16 Go (Live OS) 200g
24 Estimote Bluetooth beacon 580g
15 Blesh Bluetooth beacon 450g
12 Glimworm Bluetooth beacon 500g
4 Sensoro Bluetooth beacon 400g
3 Beaconinside Bluetooth beacon 450g
30 Various Ethernet cables 7kg
8 Various Electric cables 4kg
30 Various Micro USB cables 1,3kg
15 Various Mini USB cables 500g
420 Total Major devices (not accessories)
Network Device Description Packmass
Cisco Catalyst WS-C3750-48PS-E 6kg
Juniper switch EX3300-48T 6kg
Dell IoT gateway Wyse 3290 700g
Samsung gateway Artik 10 320g
PC Engines router APU1D4 1Kg
Quantity Network Cable Description
4 15m CAT5 or CAT6?
4 12m CAT5 or CAT6?
4 6m CAT5 or CAT6?
5 4,5m CAT5 or CAT6?
4 4m CAT5 or CAT6?
2 3m CAT5 or CAT6?
4 2m CAT5 or CAT6?
8 1-2m CAT5 or CAT6?
10 0,6m CAT5 or CAT6?
16 0,2m CAT5 or CAT6?
…total 35 long cables filling two shopping bags totalling 6,6Kg
Audio Device Description Packmass
Playback loudspeaker Sony SRS-XB3 1kg
CD player and DVD writer ROD-EX003 400g
Microphone and XLR interface Shure, Behringer 1,4kg
Quantity Pledged Device Description Packmass
1 Aerohive AP To be announced ? Kg.

…plus: SDHC memory, batteries, and Tessel2 compatible accessories (like climate modules.)
…plus: few items like Genuinos, Makey Makeys, Particle Photons, and Light Blue Beans.
Legend: N.A. = Not Applicable (too little to matter)