Note: Sections are of variable lengths and may be combined in half or full day workshops.

Embedded communication

  1. Intel and ARM arch review
  2. System RPi2 and Beaglebone
  3. Ubuntu Core OS study
  4. Docker development study
  5. Messaging protocol review
  6. AMQP and MQTT on FRDM
  7. CoAP and OCF IoTivity
  8. NodeJS prototyping

Copper wired modulation

  1. Introduction to oscilloscopes
  2. Dual comparative signal probing
  3. Snapshot interpretation
  4. R&D and test use cases

Bluetooth control

  1. Client hardware study
  2. Arduino interfacing
  3. NodeJS prototyping
  4. Cloud service test

Physical web

  1. Agnostic OS study
  2. Google Play Services
  3. Sideloading client apps
  4. Beacon hardware analysis
  5. Proximity RSSI experiment
  6. ARM mbed development

Smart lighting

  1. Builtin controller study
  2. HTTP REST implementation
  3. Internet connection config
  4. Zigbee Bluetooth contrast
  5. Gateway, bridge, and router study
  6. Home automation system test

 Devices loaned for the workshop duration